“Quality Solutions” LLC possess a broad sphere of activities in modern business. The sphere of activity of Company mainly covers financial and bank sector. Besides, company offers multiple services to business communities that work in telecommunications, insurance, and other fields. Customers of the company are small, medium-sized and large business entities.


"Quality Solutions" LLC is a company operating in a consulting and marketing communications field.

Company almost specializes in consulting services for different spheres of business, marketing research and communications, public relations, establishing a positive image, identifying problems faced by businesses and finding optimal solutions for such problems and presentation of other various business solutions.

"Quality Solutions" LLC implements a totally different approach in the market with its professional staff and offers customers new solution ways of marketing communications.



“Quality Solutions” LLC’s mission is to assist to its customers to promote, develop and also to be successful in business by delivering the comprehensive range of consultations and marketing communications services based on innovative approach and business solutions.

As a company, we do believe that our activities will be useful for business communities, society and economy as a whole, and we adopt it as our core mission to give a contribution to overall progress.



- We know the methods needed for business development and offer relevant solutions that pave the way for progress;

- We analyze the problems faced by small, medium-sized and large business entities, recognize them as our own problems and show solution steps for such problems;

- We promote competitive business skills and give support to business entity, government and society;

- Taking advantage of all the opportunities of digital transformation, we achieve the expansion of business potential through our professional staff.



Activities of "Quality Solutions" LLC will be guided by several values. As a company, we share the following values to gain and maintain customer satisfaction and operate professionally:

Fairness - We accept the importance of promoting business under the principle of fairness, and we are running this business in a beneficial manner both for business entity and society;

Teamwork - As a Quality Solutions company, we realize the importance of teamwork to workplace success and provide our customers with straightforward solutions developed by our qualified staff;

Implementation - timely fulfillment of business to meet customers’ needs and requirements, render complex business solutions in the competitive business environment of Azerbaijan;

Success - To pave the way for new progresses and victories in a competitive and business-friendly environment where every day brings new challenges and to empower business therewith.

Taleh Tahirli


Taleh Tahirli is a founder and director of Quality Solutions LLC.

Taleh Tahirli has extensive experiences in finance and banking sector, as well as in business management. He had been serving on a number of senior positions at Unibank KB OJSC for a long time and has worked as a member of the Bank's Board of Directors, General Director of Retail Banking Services and Marketing directions. Mr. Tahirli graduated from Baku Engineering University, as well as a reputable Gothenburg and Linköping Universities of Europe.